About Us


    Who is The Just Clean Fun Soap company  you ask? Well, let us give a bit of our background

    We are micro start-up business that sells soap from our home in Prince George, BC Canada.

    I am the founder and creator of Just Clean Fun Soap company. I began making soap from my home for my family. At first I started making soap out of curiosity .I wanted to see if I could do it. Also I was tired of using soaps that were laden with chemicals and unnecessary additives. When I had been able to create several successful batches my friends and family started asking for their own bars.
    Soon friends and family began to request more soap. With an army of encouragement and support behind me, I launched my company beginning with the local Farmer's Market where I found an overwhelmingly positive response for my products. At first we started with just selling the soap ,but soon I began creating Body butters and Deodorants, and Sunscreens ,bug repellants, shampoo bars and finally face creams. That has been a most satisfying and successful endeavour. I would like to thank my family, friends and customers  who have encouraged me to keep creating beautiful soaps and body products. I look forward to the challenge of creating customized products for my customers needs.   

    As a new launch of an online business, there will be mistakes. However, the follow up and customer satisfaction is only as good as the people backing the business, and you would be hard pressed to find more honest and hard-working customer driven people on the plane than our team.

    The Soap Team

    • Trish, the soap design and production specialist
    • Austin, the terrific helper and salesman
    • Marion, the creative consultant and social media diva

    Enjoy your shopping with us and contact us if you have any questions, comments or requests.


    Contact us, ask us questions, give us suggestions. just.clean.fun@hotmail.com

    So micro means that none of us live on the business, it's a hobby that will hopefully grow into a thriving soap shop. Until then, you have our undivided attention as you, the customer are the most important person to us. 


    We guarantee that the soap will be exactly as described, though never as shown as each soap has it's own unique style much like snowflakes. So It won't look like the picture, exactly, but the soap will look fantastic - or your money back.

    Shipping Rates

    We will ship everything as you like it and we won't charge you more than the carrier. There is no "handling" charges. What you pay is what you pay.